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Boundary wall and Lighting roled into one...


KK's Boundary Wall with Light Fixture..

We are pleased to bring to your attention a unique boundary wall project we have been involved with. Shown is a picture of this wall of 4ft above ground height with provision for installing light fixtures. The columns used in the boundary wall have a mild steel pipe at the top for attaching a light fixture and a plastic conduit running along the length through which electrical wires can be introduced. The column also incorporates an electrical box through which the wire can accessed for future repair and maintenance.

KK's New Innovation


KK's Waste Management Solution.. 

Are prestressed boundary walls strong?


Increasingly, some companies in India have been promoting and selling a prestressed boundary wall solution in India. They claim that they use 3-4 HT strands to prestress the panels. We became suspicious of this claim because common sense would dictate that these thin panels would bend under the prestressing forces. We decided to investigate by procuring prestressed panels and subjecting them to load tests in comparison to our KK RCC boundary wall system.

In order to test the load bearing capacity of the panels we made a simple test in which we simply supported the panel on both ends and applied a static load in the center by placing known weights (in this case 30 kg concrete kerb stones). The prestressed panels failed at a load of 90 kg while our KK RCC panels were able to take 180 kgs till development of a crack. Shown are pictures of these tests.

This test unambiguously demonstrates that the prestress panel is significantly weaker than our KK RCC panel. One would conclude that the prestressing is non-existant.

Prestress Test Comparison

Actual Site pictures of a new baluster


KK Baluster Type F
KK Baluster Type F
KK Baluster Type F
KK Baluster Type F
KK Baluster Type F

Actual site pictures of a new boundary wall


Precast boundary walls are adding an artistic element to the boundary while minimizing cost and execution time

KK Boundary wall KK Boundary wall
KK Boundary wall KK Boundary wall

The Untold Story of the Chair Bench


KK Chair Bench

Not many people are aware about the history of the "Chair bench" shown in the picture. The chair bench which is now synonymous with Indian Railway platforms was pioneered and introduced in India by us around the start of this century. The "Chair Bench" was first installed by us at New Delhi Railway Platform on a free trial which was a roaring success. In this trial Indian Railways realized that the "Chair Bench" was far superior to status quo and other alternatives in terms of cost-effectiveness, durability, and theftproofness.

The news about that success slowly spread through the railway eco-system and the various divisions of Railways started evaluating our "Chair Bench" for providing platform amenities. We are proud to state that now this product "Chair Bench" is ubiquitous at Railway platforms across India. It is so commonplace that the "Chair Bench" can be seen in the above promotional picture from the upcoming movie MS DHONIE: THE UNTOLD STORY.

This is yet another example of how we have created India specific solutions to problems.

KK introduces Konkrete Water Tank for Residential & Commercial Applications


KONKRETE water tank will allow you to enjoy clean and hygenic water at a comfortable temperature while saving you money. The tank made from concrete provides insulation against cold and hot atmospheric conditions. In addition, modular configuration of the tank allows for easy shipping, storage as well as easy assembly in difficult to access locations - even if access is through a narrow staircase. Moreover, it costs less than a plastic tank. KK Water Tank
Volume:450 liters
Material of Construction: Reinforced Cement Concrete
You would require the following items for assembly
  • Four tank connectors - 2 nos 1/2 inch and 2 nos 3/4 inch with long thread (available from Supreme Company Dealer)
  • Jointing kit consisting of four parts to be used in the following fashion

Developers are now looking at slit drains


KK Slit Drain

Slit drains are transforming how storm water drainage is being provided for in upscale projects

These drains are inconspicuous once installed and easy to maintain.

The slit drains are suitable for Light Commercial Vehicular loads

They are available in two standard sizes

For more information, please click here

KK Slit Drain

Check out our New baluster


KK Baluster Type D
KK Baluster Type D

Design Credit : IDEAZ Architectural Consultants

Website of Architect:www.ideaz.co.in

Facebook of Architect:https://www.facebook.com/ideaz.arch/

For more photographs, please click here

New addition to our planter family


Dodecahedron Planter
Dear Business Partner:

We are pleased to introduce our newest member to the planter family.

The new planter aptly called "dedecahedron planter" is a compact planter of approximately 10 inches height and width.

The geometric shape of this planter will perfectly complement your indoor design themes.

Please contact us for more information.

Dodecahedron Planter

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