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  • Consists of RCC Precast Concrete Post of size 200mm X 200mm X 3000 mm Height having two grooves of size 60 X 32mm, so as to receive 8 Nos. Precast Concrete RCC Panels of size 1500mm X 300mm X 50 mm thickness
  • Panels can be made in following finishes: brick pattern on one side and gurmala finish on the other, brick pattern on one face and polished finish on the other;
  • The post is reinforced with 4 Nos. 12 mm dia Tor Bars with 4mm dia stir-ups @ 150mm c/c; Panels are reinforced with 3 Nos. longitudinal bars of 8mm. dia Tor Steel & 6 mm plain M.S. Stir up @ 150 centre to centre
  • Manufactured by using M-30 grade of concrete

Note: The post may be fixed to the ground by digging a hole of 500 X 500 X 600 mm and filled with 1 : 3 : 6 concrete after the post has been aligned in these holes. The post will be erected @ 1.615m. centre to centre



35 years