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Saucer drains provide a means to collect water overflows or storm water in pedestrian areas, malls, parking lots, etc. They also come with holes to allow the collected water to be discharged into a another drainage system. KK manufactures saucer drains ranging in width from 450mm to 600mm.

  • Can be solid or perforated
  • Manufactured by M-30 grade of concrete by vibro compaction process using joint less FRP moulds so as to achieve shuttering finish.
  • Perforated saucer drains are reinforced, while the plain ones can be reinforced on request


saucer drain
Product Code Nominal Size Length Width Thickness
SD01 300x450x75/100 300 450 75/100
SD02 600x450x75/100 600 450 75/100
SD03 450x600x75/100 450 600 75/100
SD04 300x300x70/100 300 300 70/100
SD05 600x300x75/100 600 300 75/100
SD06 900x300x75/100 900 300 75/100
SD07 900x300x50/75 900 300 50/75


35 years