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  • Each bench consists of 2 Nos base support in grey cement colour (Thickness:100mm, Back height:1000 mm & Front height:450mm, Base width:1435 mm) and 10 Nos. reinforced concrete planks in red colour of size 1500 X 100 X 50mm, and 2 No. of reinforced concrete plank of size 1500 X 200 X 50 mm
  • Overall Dimensions: Seating length of the Bench:1500 mm on one side & 1500 mm on the opposite side; Seating height of the Bench:450 mm; Total height of the Bench:1000 mm
  • All components are reinforced suitably to promote long use and to prevent damage during handling, transportation, & erection
  • All parts are joined together with galvanized nuts & bolts of suitable size and all bolts are sealed after assembly
  • Bench top and back planks are treated with special anti- corrosive, water proof coating so as to make surfaces glossy and water proof
  • All components are manufactured by using M-30 grade of Concrete using vibro compaction process.


Double Side Chair Bench with Back Rest


35 years