Introducing New Improved Gully Gratings & Drain Covers

Precast Concrete Gully Gratings & Drain Covers were introduced years ago. These original gratings and drain covers were designed along the same lines as IS standard for Precast Concrete Manhole Covers and consisted of 2mm mild steel sheet around the periphery of the cover and mild steel hooks located 2 to 3 inches away from the periphery.

These gratings and drain covers gained wide acceptance as cost effective substitutes for cast iron products. Moreover they were not prone to theft.

The original gratings and drain covers, however, were prone to getting blocked with foreign material and were difficult to open.

Learning from these observations we have introduced New Improved Gratings and Drain Covers that overcome these issues by making four improvements:

  1. The holes on the new gratings and drain covers are divergent in shape as opposed to convergent holes on the original products. As a result, any foreign material will either stay on top or fall through the hole.
  2. The metal strip around the cover has been deleted. Often the corrosion of the steel strip and subsequent swelling would make it difficult to open the cover.
  3. Position of the lifting hooks has been shifted to the extreme edges of the cover so that when using a pickaxe to move the cover, the frame edge automatically becomes the fulcrum
  4. The mild steel hooks have been HOT DIP GALVANISED to prevent rusting of hooks for a long time to come

The ultimate result of these improvements is a product that is user friendly and low maintenance.




New Gully Grating




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