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Now available a range of ballusters for balconies and terraces

We now offer 5 types of ballusters to suit almost every application of balluster railings in balconies and terraces. We also offer two types of top and bottom rails (not shown in the picture) to complement the ballusters.

Using our precast balluster along with top and bottom rail one can erect a beautiful looking balluster fencing in fraction of the time it normally takes.

All products are made from high strength precast concrete in factory controlled settings which makes these products very durable.

Project Spotlight: Completed supply of Village Toilet to Panchkula, Haryana

We have completed supply of 60 prefabricated toilets to a project in Panchkula, Haryana. The toilets were supplied in an unassembled condition. The components were assembled at site and the WC was connected to a on-site made soakpit.

The toliet is made from RCC components which are assembled using galvanized nuts and bolts. The door of the toilet is made from laminated cement particle board. The toilet incorporates a unqiue lock that can either be locked from inside or outside but never both. See picture below to get a flavour. 

Now you can buy moulds for producing quality Hexagonal Pavers

We are now manufacturing and making available for sale plastic moulds for manufacturing Hexagonal Pavers in 60mm thickness. Hexagonal shape of the pavers, produced using these moulds, makes them very durable as compared to other shapes.  In addition, the top surface of the hexagonal pavers has a granular finish which makes the surface anti-skid.The unique plastic used in making these moulds will give you maximum repetitions for your investment.

So get in touch with us if you are a paver manufacturer looking to source quality moulds to maximize your ROI.

Launching a “patent pending” cover block

Launching a revolutionary cover block for columns, beams, walls, and piles


KK is proud to launch a “patent pending” new cover block meant for columns, beams, walls & slabs. This cover block will save you time and money by making the job of providing cover easy. The cover block consists of a mounting member which will be slid on to the renforcement and a locking member which is inserted into the mounting member to trap the reinforcement in the center region. The locking member assembly is designed to be self locking. However, a thin layer of glue can be applied on the locking member prior to insertion as a secondary bonding agent. The cover block is designed to give a constant cover even if the reinforcement is rotated. 

The big positive of this cover block besides ensuring accurate cover to the reinforcement is that it can be installed after the reinforcement cage has been assembled. Moreover, all cover blocks are made from high strength M-50 grade concrete so they will withstand the forces and stresses often experienced in the construction environment. 

Watch the video below to learn more (Click on the picture below):  
If you are interested or are eager to learn more, please do get in touch with us.

Yours Sincerely,

Naveen Gupta 

KK Launches Prefabricated Toilet

prefabricated precast concrete toilet
Introducing first time in India a prefabricated toilet manufactured from precast concrete. The toilet is designed specially for Indian villages. The toilet enjoys the advantages of being
  1. Cost effective,
  2. Durable,
  3. Easy to Install,
  4. , and vandalizm and theft proof
It comes with an Indian style latrine which can be attached to an independently constructed septic tank. As is common in villages, a user has to carry his/her own water.
The toilet is manufactured in components which can be easily transported to the site of use and assembled using nuts and bolts. Once assembled the overall height of toilet is 7ft, width is 3ft, and depth is 4ft.