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New Boundary Wall Panel of 2 ft height

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As we crack into March we find ourselves better equipped with facing Covid-19. Hope seems to emerge with the vaccination process being rolled out. Our environment continues to rapidly evolve creating a larger need for innovation.

Always innovating and finding ways to increase productivity, KK Manhole and Gratings Co Pvt Ltd has been the home of innovative and quality solutions for the construction industry since 1984.

Introducing our NEW Boundary Wall Panel with Texture on Both Sides!

We have recently added to our prefabricated boundary wall options by providing two feet panels with textured finish on both sides. One face of the panel carries our traditional brick pattern while the second face of the panel has a chequered finish. Also we can incorporate your logo on the wall. Additionally, the pole and panel combination can also be used for constructing low cost single storey housing.

Born out of response from customer demands the KK wall panels are tested not to deteriorate with time and are low maintenance

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