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Lending a Helping Hand to Swacch Bharat Mission

swach bharat
Dear Business Partner:
Everyone is doing their bit to clean India. We are doing ours by introducing two innovative products that we believe India needs to keep itself clean.

  • Dustbin – After years of thinking about this subject and trying various alternatives, we have narrowed down on this concept of a dustbin consisting of an easy-to-empty fiberglass bin supported on a precast concrete base. This concept is unique because the fiberglass bin base has a hemispherical shape to discourage theft (the bin is not self-standing without the precast base). Moreover both fiberglass bin and precast concrete base have low resale value.
  • Trash picker – We all can do our part in keeping India clean by picking trash around us and disposing it off in dustbins. Hopefully our actions will get imitated by others and/or make people guilty about throwing trash where it shouldn’t be thrown. Now you can easily do so by using our trash picker. So order yours by calling me at the number below.