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Why Use Of Steel Crash Barriers On Indian Highways Is Bad And What Is The Best Solution?

Guard Rails also called galvanized steel sheet crash barriers are an important requirement for national and state highways as they help to prevent hazards like vehicles slipping / entering in footpath /pedestrian zones or slipping into ditches/gorges along the highways.This method has been effectively used in developed countries and copied by India. However, the method has not yielded the desired outcome because of theft of crash barriers. A majority of people make their living by stealing these guard rails as they are made of steel and have high resale value. Seldom are they replaced due to paucity of funds and elaborate procedure involved in doing so.

We propose the use of Precast RCC Jersey Barriers as a better solution in the Indian context.These Precast RCC Jersey Barriers offer many advantages:

  • They are strong, heavy and more durable
  • They are theft free as there is not much resale value
  • They are a flexible solution in case road width or course is to be altered in future
  • They also reduce project time as the precast RCC jersey barriers are available ready or can be planned/manufactured simultaneously while road construction is in progress

NHAI will be well served by taking notice and exploring this alternative