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Introducing Portable Pan Mixer to produce better quality Concrete

You may often wonder how we consistently produce good quality precast concrete products. We would like to let you in on the secret. The secret lies in how the concrete is mixed. We use a special PAN mixer which allows us to produce well mixed small batches of concrete while using minimum water. The PAN mixer has been developed by us in-house. We encourage you to watch the video below to learn more.
Now you can also produce good quality concrete by procuring the PAN mixer as it is now available for commercial sale.
small pan mixer
  • Maximum Batch Size – 0.167 cubic-meter
  • Drum Internal Diameter – 995 mm
  • Drum Height – 415 mm
  • Overall Height – 1300 mm
  • Motor Type- 3-Phase
  • Motor H.P. – 7.5
  • Motor RPM – 1440
  • Mixing Blade RPM – 35