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Case Study on Slit Drains

slit drain at a hotelslit drain at a hotel
We supplied slit drains to HB Estate Developers Pvt Ltd for their project Premium Business Hotel in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The slit drain was installed in the entrance area of the hotel to provide storm water drainage.

The client chose slit drain over traditional U-channel drain because of the following advantages
  • Not obtrusive – the drain is hidden from view
  • Easy to clean – Just pressure wash the drain to remove silt
  • Better water flow – The circular crossection of the drain supports water flow
Please visit drains_2.html to learn more and determine how you can incorporate slit drains into your next project.


New Bird Spike Launched

Hopefully, you are already familiar with our stainless steel spikes to solve bird nuisance. Now we have added an all polycarbonate spike to our offering. Polycarbonate, from which these spikes are made, is one of the toughest plastics known to mankind and finds use in making bullet proof glass.
Similar to stainless steel spikes, the polycarbonate spikes also deter birds from sitting on your property without hurting them.

Beautifying SDMC parks

We have been awarded a tender to supply 4000 nos decorative finish chair benches across parks falling under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal corporation.
The seat and back portion of these benches are being polished with commercial radial polishing machines to provide a decorative and aesthetically appealing finish.
So if you live in South/West Delhi you will be sure to see these benches enhancing the beauty of the parks and providing a comfortable place to sit and mingle with family and friends for years to come.