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New Letter Box is Now Available for Sale

The letter box we launched last month is now available for sale. The color combination available consists of orange door with a cream body. The letterbox manufactured by us offers many benefits and will enhance the beauty of your project or house.

  • Large enough to receive A4 sized envelops
  • Durable long lasting construction
  • Splash / weather proof design due to top folding flap
  • Provided with in-built lock system to keep mail secure
  • Front Door swivels downwards to allow you to effortlessly access your mail

Case Study – Precast Wall for a Residential Development

We are supplying and installing 7 ft high precast concrete boundary wall for a residential project located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The total length of the boundary wall is 1.75 KMs.
The wall is being constructed from 8 ft high poles which are being erected in the ground up to a depth of 2 ft. Between adjacent poles we are inserting 40 mm thick wall slabs to bring the above ground height to 7 ft. The middle panel of the wall has been customized with an engraving of the builders initials.
The total project will be completed in under 5 months.