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Large sized U drains

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India is still in the old era of using under-ground storm water drain. However, due to immense technical issues related to performance, maintenance and service of this orthodox system, we have to switch over to surface drain concept using U drains

Our precast concrete U drains allow for speedier construction of drains with minimum site work. We manufacture high strength concrete U shaped drains. These drains come in the size 600 mm x600 mm. Our products are manufactured in stringent factory controlled conditions that ensure highest quality. Besides storm water drainage system, these types of drains are also used in other applications like cable trenches.


The drain is placed on a compacted base. The provided groove between 2 adjacent drains is filled with mortar. PCC is filled in a sloping manner for storm water drainage application

New Product Launch Fence 2.0

Fence 2.0 is a new fencing system for highways and roads that provides an excellent barrier to deter human beings and animals from crossing over. Unlike iron fence, it is cheaper, theft proof, and maintenance proof. In addition, it is possible to affix reflective tape on this fence for night time visibility and it also reduces glare from headlights of oncoming vehicles in the adjacent lane of traffic.

Boundary wall now available with texture on both sides


We have recently added to our prefabricated boundary wall options by providing a panel with textured finish on both sides. Shown in the graphic are the available textured finishes on each side.

As can be seen, first face of the panel carries our traditional brick pattern while the second face of the panel has a checker finish.

Looking forward to helping you out in your next compound wall or boundary wall project.

Boundary wall with texture on both sides

Two exciting new developments

We would like to share with you two exciting developments.

  • We have launched a brand new brochure which you can download by clicking on the picture.

  • We recently had the honor of presenting to senior officers of PWD. You may catch a glimpse of this presentation by clicking on the relevant picture below

kk manhole

kk manhole

Our RCC Konkrete Tank is making some ripples

We have been receiving good reviews regarding our konkrete water tanks. We would like to share with you a letter of appreciation received from a large builder who has procured a large quantity of konkrete water tanks.

kk manhole

kk manhole

KK Launches Prefabricated Toilet

prefabricated precast concrete toilet
Introducing first time in India a prefabricated toilet manufactured from precast concrete. The toilet is designed specially for Indian villages. The toilet enjoys the advantages of being
  1. Cost effective,
  2. Durable,
  3. Easy to Install,
  4. , and vandalizm and theft proof
It comes with an Indian style latrine which can be attached to an independently constructed septic tank. As is common in villages, a user has to carry his/her own water.
The toilet is manufactured in components which can be easily transported to the site of use and assembled using nuts and bolts. Once assembled the overall height of toilet is 7ft, width is 3ft, and depth is 4ft.

New Service Offering: Now get your logo or any other writeup or graphic customized on any product

Logo in Concrete

 Your brand is the most important image of your business. We can now help you strengthen your brand awareness by recreating your logo or graphic on concrete products you procure from us.

The process is simple. You send us a high resolution, to-scale image of your logo or graphic. We create a stencil of your logo which we incorporate in the product at the time of casting. In the end you get your logo prominently displayed on our products for years to come.